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5 Ways We Celebrate National Day in School

11 Aug 2015

Greenridge Primary_National Day Celebrations

Check out these five ways we celebrate National Day in schools and share with us your memories!

In addition to looking forward to the long Jubilee weekend, students all over Singapore also get to spend the day before celebrating National Day in school! Such special celebrations are part of our shared memories as Singaporeans growing up on this little red dot. Do you remember some of these?

  1. Wearing red and white Greenridge Primary_National Day Celebrations

    Instead of the usual school uniform, students and teachers get to have some fun by donning national colours. Some may even remember sitting in front of their wardrobes the night before, wondering what to wear or fretting if they suddenly realised that they didn’t have the right colours. Others may remember taking special OOTD photos with friends on this special occasion.

  2. Singing patriotic national day songs

    “Count On Me, Singapore”, “We Are Singapore” and “Home” are old favourites that all Singaporeans are familiar with. They resonate because they reflect the changes of the nation and sentiment of the people in those times. During rousing sing-a-long sessions in school, we raise our voices, whether in tune or not, and join the fun. Every year, it’s also interesting to hear the new theme song and decide if we like it or not. If you haven’t already heard, check out the 2015 National Day theme song!

  3. Flag raising by students from uniformed groups CHIJ St Theresa's Convent_National Day Celebrations

    Did you know that the national flag is not to touch the ground, even when it is being lowered from a flagpole? It represents our nation and is to be treated with respect, so students from uniformed groups are often given this special honour and responsibility to bear and raise the flag for this special celebration.

  4. Presenting a special feature or performance

    CHIJ St Theresa's Convent_National Day CelebrationsAs part of the school’s celebrations, students often put in time and effort to prepare an interesting show for their fellow students. This year at CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent, students put together a series of artwork to showcase their perspective and hopes for Singapore. Check out some of the Trexi dolls designed by Secondary Two students! Yanni Tan designed a Samsui woman to remember her family heritage, while Azlena Lim created a SEAGames inspired mascot to represent her hopes for greater sporting achievements for Singapore in the years ahead.

  5. Doing something special for the community

    Nanyang Junior College_National Day CelebrationsIn recent times, some schools have been looking beyond their fences to do something special with the community. This year, students from Nanyang Junior College went out to invite people to pen their well wishes for the nation. They spoke to fruit stallholders, coffee shop aunties, pioneers taking a stroll in the neighbourhood and many others in the nearby vicinity who shared their hopes for a stable, peaceful and prosperous future. A Vietnamese lady manning a mama shop also shared how she found Singapore to be a safe and great place to live, and congratulated our nation on making it this far. What a special way to commemorate SG50!

Of course, we all remember the celebrations ending with an early dismissal from school. What else do you remember about National Day celebrations in school? Share them with us in the comment box below!