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Cyber Wellness - Useful Resources

20 May 2016

cyberwellness useful links

The knowledge and skills to navigate the cyberspace will help parents prepare our children for cyberspace.

Browse through this list of resources to help equip yourself with the knowledge and skills in navigating cyberspace to help your child.

As parents, we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to navigate the cyberspace in order to prepare our children for cyberspace. Below is a list of resources for your reference:

Resources from Singapore

Resources from overseas

Note: These links are provided as references for parents and are not exhaustive. MOE is not endorsing any of the products or services mentioned in the links and guides. There is no relationship, affiliation, association or sponsorship which is implied from linking to these sites. Parents will need to consider their needs and evaluate the options available in the market. While every effort has been taken to contact all website owners listed in these documents, we have been unsuccessful in some instances. To these, we offer our sincere apologies. Parents are also strongly encouraged to read the terms of use and write to the respective website owners for expressed permission should they wish to make use of the digital materials hosted on these websites. Parents should also not attempt to reproduce, adapt or distribute these resources in any way, unless they have been granted expressed permission to do so.