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Developing independence, fostering friendships

24 Oct 2017

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Victoria School's National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) members giving tips on crime prevention and safety to members of the public.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) in schools play an important role in holistic education and help students to discover their passions and talents. Uniformed groups, in particular, instil in students discipline - an important trait to have at any stage in life.

However, being a member of a uniformed group does not just involve building discipline through foot drill practice and strict rules.

Our students from the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) share what they have learned from their CCA.

Building independence

Outdoor activities are a regular fixture for the students, and they are not just about fun and games. Students get to participate in activities that they might not do so outside of their CCA, such as pitching tents and learning self-defence tactics and first aid.

Attempting such activities may not be easy, especially if it is something which students have not tried before. However, the dynamics in uniformed groups provide an opportunity for students to bond and encourage one another not to give up.

“In NPCC, we emphasise that everyone has to stick together, and work together to overcome challenges,” explains Siva Adharsh, a Secondary 3 student from Victoria School. “By working together towards a common cause, we learn the importance of teamwork and resilience.”

Fostering friendships

In addition, older students in the CCA are tasked with training their juniors, providing them an opportunity to build lasting friendships and learn about what it takes to lead others. It also allows younger students to interact with and seek advice from their older counterparts.

For Secondary 3 student Low Bing Heng, this has spurred him to think beyond just self-improvement - he harbours hopes of his juniors bettering themselves too. “Many of them are very shy. It would be good to train them to speak confidently in front of a large group of people, such as with fellow members,” says the Victoria School student.

Gaining awareness of the world

Besides having a chance to better themselves, members get to learn more about issues affecting the community and they are inspired to think of ways to give back.

As part of outreach activities, NPCC members from Victoria School have gone out of the campus to dish out to the public useful tips on crime prevention and safety.DSC00516

Siva and Bing Heng have watched their seniors going door to door at housing estates to speak to residents about crime prevention, and they hope to go further and educate the public about road safety as well.

“I want to continue to tell the community about what it takes to prevent crime and how to be safe,” says Siva.