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Developing Talents in Art and Music

05 Jun 2015

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    Chong Enxin has a keen interest in art, design and superhero movies. His interests have motivated him to create unique objects, such as an Ironman-inspired motorised vehicle.

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    The Enhanced Art Programme in the school has helped Enxin pick up new skills and techniques.

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    The aspiring product designer used old chopsticks, tin cans and parts from an old chess set to create a mini artillery for one of his projects.

The Enhanced Art and Music Programmes (EAP and EMP) will be extended to seven secondary schools and the appointment of three Art and Music Elective Programmes (AEP and MEP) schools as AEP/MEP centres. This initiative will benefit more than  2,000 students each year from these specialised programmes by 2019.

What does this mean for you or your child? Students with a passion and talent in the arts and music will have the opportunity to take up Art/Higher Art, Music/Higher Music as an academic subject at the O-levels. They will also have more opportunities to enrol in art and music talent development programmes at the secondary level.

Chong Enxin, a Secondary Four student in St Andrew’s Secondary School, is taking Art and Design & Technology as O-level subjects this year. His keen interest in art, design and superhero movies has inspired him to create interesting objects such as steel gauntlets, canons and Ironman inspired ‘cars’ using old chopsticks, aluminium cans and even parts from an old chess set.

“I have always wanted to create unique objects, something different and unusual. The art lessons allow me to exercise my creativity and expand my artistic expressions,” shared Enxin, who aspires to be a product designer.

The EAP programme also allows him to develop greater mastery and have better avenues to pursue art at an advanced level. Beyond taking the O-level syllabus, EAP students will also benefit from exposure to a wide range of media, art forms as well as the creative industries with artists and visits by practitioners for authentic and relevant learning.

Ms Joanna Chew, teacher-in-charge of EAP in St Andrew’s, constantly looks out for art exhibitions for her students to attend.

“The Secondary Three and Four EAP students visited several exhibitions and it really helped them understand how other artists express their ideas,’ shared Ms Chew.

The extension of EAP and EMP to more schools will further enhance students’ access to art, music and allow them to develop their interest and talent further. Both EAP and EMP are available to students in the Express course from Secondary Three onwards.