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Driving MOE Kindergartens

03 Mar 2015

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MOE Kindergartens welcomed their first children in January 2014. Now into the second year, the ten MOE Kindergartens across the island will be open for registration and five more new centres that will open in January 2016.

The setting up of the MOE Kindergartens was a significant milestone for the Ministry of Education. Mr Liu Earnler, Deputy Director of the MOE Pre-school Education Branch, shares on his experience being part of the team in charge of MOE Kindergartens.

Q: Why is the MOE Kindergarten such a significant milestone for MOE and the sector?

A: MOE Kindergartens are the only government-run pre-school centres.  The other centres are run privately.

The MOE Kindergartens are meant to uplift the quality of the pre-school sector in Singapore and thus play a much bigger role than just providing quality education for their own children. These efforts by the MOE Kindergartens will complement the work that the Early Childhood Development Agency is spearheading.

For example, our kindergartens are piloting teaching and learning resources, and distilling good practices.  These will be shared with the pre-school sector so that all centres in Singapore will have access to high quality resources for a holistic kindergarten education. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment setting up the MOE Kindergartens?

A: It would have to be just after the first semester ended in 2014. My colleagues and I were bringing some visitors around the MOE Kindergarten @ Farrer Park. We saw the children’s work from their termly Weeks of Wonder project, and enjoyed a physical exercise routine that the children created, complete with accompanying colourful ‘barbells’ made from recycled mineral water bottles. 

It dawned on me that all this was the fruition of the hard work by my colleagues and the teachers. We started from almost nothing and were able to come to this stage in just one short year – it was a truly amazing and humbling experience.

Q: Describe the experience setting up the MOE Kindergartens with one word.

A: ‘Meaningful’.  As we worked at the many aspects such as renovation, procurement and teacher training, my fundamental priority was to ensure everyone in the team was taken care of, and that they saw how their efforts contributed to the larger picture. 

Q: What would you like to say to families of the children enrolled in the MOE Kindergartens?

A: Thanks for your faith in the MOE Kindergartens! Do continue to partner with us in supporting your child’s growth and learning so that they will be well prepared for future learning, and tell your friends about us so more children can enjoy a strong start at the MOE Kindergartens!

For more information, check out the MOE Kindergarten Open House dates in March 2016 and the dates of the registration exercise.