Tuesday, 23rd April 2024

Tuesday, 23rd April 2024

Encouraging kids to read at St. Stephen’s School

22 May 2018

A love for reading is a great gift that keeps giving. At a young age, reading helps children establish basic language skills. When they’re older, it expands their minds, helps them discover new things and grows their imagination.

Here’s how St Stephen’s School encouraged a reading habit among students during Literary Week!

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_1
Choice rules when kids read. Their interest and motivation to read is higher when they pick out their own books.

Knowing this, teachers at St Stephen’s School planned for students to share their favourite books with one another, hoping to spark more interest. Students made gigantic book covers and paraded their creations during the school’s literary week.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_2
Before creating their book covers, students shared their favourite books with their parents, and discussed the design and materials needed. Then, with plans in mind and supplies in hand, they headed to school.

Akid and his mother were inspired by the night sky on the original book cover of Geronimo Stilton’s Magical Mission, and decided to use blue glitter paper to create an enchanted scene.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_3
Given the freedom to be creative, each student’s work was different from another, even if they chose the same book. Some cut and pasted pictures, some used creative materials and some even sketched.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_4
As they helped one another with their craft work, they also shared about their books and had lots of fun.

Lowig discovered his book, The Great Lollipop Caper by Dan Krall, during one of his regular trips to the public library with his parents.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_5
Some even wrote a short synopsis on their book covers, so that schoolmates would be able to read from it.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_6
A beautiful cover, ready to be paraded.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_7
Standing in front of all their classmates, some shared about their books and tried to convince their friends to read it.

Speaking in front of everyone wasn’t easy. Some were fluent, while others needed help. With the right prompts and questions from teachers, they all did well!

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_8
After all the preparation, literary week was finally here! Many students trooped into the assembly hall that morning. carrying large plastic bags with their gigantic book covers carefully placed within.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_9
Energy was high and the place was abuzz during the Book Cover Parade! Students walked around looking at the amazing creations of fellow schoolmates and chattered excitedly. 

It was heartwarming to see students helping one another to put on their book covers, and amusing when they followed others around, trying to read what was on the back of the covers.

Book Parade_St Stephen's School_10
It was as if a library bookshelf came to life that day, because each book cover could promote itself with a big smile! Each student went home proud of their creations and with a mental list of new books to explore.

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