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Helping Your Child to Enjoy Science

22 Jun 2016

Supporting your child in the Learning of Science_1

Enjoy science in everyday life as you spend time with your children!

Children are naturally curious. They explore, question, and wonder about what happens around them. To encourage their natural love for learning, check out these suggestions!  

Exploring Science with Your Children

Science is all around us and children are constantly observing their surroundings. Help your children make sense of the world around them by showing them science phenomena that occur in everyday activities. Be it outdoors or indoors, draw their attention to objects or things happening around them to trigger their curiosity and encourage them to explore.

Experiments, videos and fun activities are great ways to engage children too! Check out some of these online educational resources which you can try out together with your children: 

Learning Science through Questioning

As they explore, children tend to generate many thoughts and ideas. Engage your children by inviting them to ask questions or by asking them questions. They learn best this way! For example, as you explore the environment with your children, lead them to observe the diversity of living and non-living things around through the questions you ask.

Examples of living things around us

Examples of questions

Observing living things:
An example of a living thing – Fish
Supporting your child in the Learning of Science_2

  • How would you describe this animal?
  • Which animal group does it belong to?
  • What do fishes have in common?

Comparing living things:
Examples of different types of plants

Supporting your child in the Learning of Science_3
Supporting your child in the Learning of Science _4

  • How are the plants similar?
  • How are the plants different from each other?

Sometimes, we may encounter challenging questions that you do not have an answer to. Don’t be worried or afraid, We don’t have to be a walking encyclopaedia to guide our children. Invite them to learn together. For example, you could say, “That’s an interesting question. Let’s find out together!” Acknowledge your children’s efforts in asking questions and guide them as they look for an answer.

Exploring Science with your children through daily activities can spark their interest and encourage them to learn, especially when they ask questions. The best way for our children to learn is when they are having fun!