Monday, 15th July 2024

Monday, 15th July 2024

How my child progressed through primary school – parents share the signs

03 Feb 2023

At the end of one’s primary school journey, there is much for a student to be thankful for – exploring different areas of study, opportunities that build one’s character and discover their interests and talents. We speak to parents of recent Primary 6 graduates from Bukit Timah Primary School, on their own observations of how their children have grown over the years.

By Lim Jun Kang and Owen Tan

Photos by Ken Koh Yue Chuan

‘She learned to express herself better through drawing’

btps1 (1)Mdm Zheng and Mr Lee , with their daughter Zoe.

When Zoe Lee first joined Bukit Timah Primary School, she was reserved and did not interact much with her peers. Over the years, the school’s allied educator, Ms Ivy Tan, helped Zoe to better understand her feelings and social situations.

“Ms Tan showed much empathy and understanding in supporting Zoe,” says Zoe’s mother Mdm Zheng Weiwei. “She would encourage Zoe to express her emotions through drawings in a journal, as she was then too young to find the words to express how she felt.”

As she progressed through primary school, Zoe received opportunities to take part in competitions, where she worked more closely with other schoolmates.

 “The teachers were not concerned with winning competitions, but rather saw these competitions as an opportunity for Zoe to develop her social skills,” her father Mr Lee Sing Chong notes, “Over the years, my daughter has grown from a shy child to someone who is able to interact confidently with her friends.”


‘He overcame his learning needs and excelled at rugby’

btps2 (1)Mdm Goh with her son Tyler.

Primary 6 student Tyler James Chan Tian Jun has learning needs and required additional support in his schoolwork through primary school. 

“It was touching to see the effort Tyler’s teachers put in to guide him, especially in Maths,” recalls his mother Mdm Demelza Claire Goh. “They gave him extra one-to-one lessons to make sure he fully understood the concepts taught, and they kept me updated on his progress too.”

Outside of academics, the school also encouraged Tyler to pursue his passion in Rugby. He performed so well that his teachers encouraged him to consider the Direct School Admission (DSA) route. The programme allows students to apply to secondary schools based on their talent in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas.

Says Mdm Goh, “I attended the rugby trials and saw that he was indeed quite good!” 

Tyler would go on to secure a place in Bukit Batok Secondary School through DSA, and looks forward to starting the next stage of his education journey, and playing the sport he loves.

“I’m really heartened by the grit and determination he has shown,” Mdm Goh says with a smile.


‘He grew in patience and confidence, thanks to juggling!’

btps3 (1)Mr Reezal (left) and Ms Nurhafizah (right) with their son Neil.

Neil Reezki had difficulty managing his emotions and adjusting to school life when he first started primary school but teachers saw past his behavioural challenges and discovered his interest in performing arts. They encouraged him to join the Circus Arts Programme, and in the process, Neil learnt patience as he worked to hone his skills.

“I was very excited to learn how to juggle,” Neil recounts. “I also enjoyed performing during my school’s 20th anniversary celebration as I was able to show others my talent!”

His parents noticed the change in Neil across the years, as he worked at perfecting his skill and performing in front of a crowd.

Says Neil’s mother Ms Nurhafizah Binte Azmi, “We are thankful to the teachers and counsellors who did not give up on Neil. They guided and encouraged him every step of the way. I am proud of how mature and confident Neil has grown up to be.”

Add his father Mr Reezal Bin Rosni, “These opportunities helped my son to build his confidence and excel at something he was interested in.”



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