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How Parents Can Support Their Children in the Learning of Mother Tongue Languages

07 Oct 2016

The 2015 Primary School Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Curriculum is implemented in Primary One this year. To equip parents with a better understanding of how their children are learning their mother tongues in schools, Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum (available for download) is available in both English and the respective Mother Tongue Languages.

In addition, it provides some recommendations on learning resources, how parents could play an active role in their children’s learning and work alongside with schools to help their children learn the language better.

Download the Parents’ Guide (Second Edition 2016) by clicking on the images and facilitate your child’s learning in a fun and purposeful manner at home! 

Second Edition 2016

 Chinese Language  
 Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum_Chinese_Eng Ver  Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum_Chinese_Chi Ver
 Malay Language
 Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum_Malay_Eng Ver  Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum_Malay_Malay Ver
 Tamil Language
 Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum_Tamil_Eng Ver  Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum_Tamil_Tamil Ver