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How Parents Can Support Their Children in the Learning of Tamil Language in Secondary School

21 Mar 2016

support TL learning (sec)

Parents can help to reinforce and enrich your child’s learning of Mother Tongue Language by providing a supportive home environment.

Read on for some tips on how you can help to reinforce and enrich your child’s learning of the Tamil Language! 

Parents can help to reinforce and enrich their child’s learning of Tamil Language by providing a supportive home environment.  Here are some tips on how you can encourage and support your child’s learning.
  • Help and encourage your child to develop a love for reading by getting the child to explore various literary genres and identifying those that he/she would be interested in.  
  • Read publications such as Manavar Murasu and other Tamil Language newspapers with your child and lead him/her into discussions on the issues featured. Your child will find the articles on teenage issues interesting and relevant.  These articles will also serve as a good platform for you and your child to explore teenage issues.  
  • Encourage your child to write by publishing essays on social media platforms such as blogs. This will help to hone his/her skill of self-expression and sharpen his/her thinking. Encourage his/her imagination and expression. Guide your child to use appropriate words and phrases. Allow your child to express himself/herself with confidence.
  • Appreciate the beauty of Tamil Language together with your child through activities such as quizzes on Tamil idioms, proverbs and riddles. Share with your child stories behind Tamil idioms and proverbs.  Such stories will captivate your child’s interest and help him/her learn the meaning of the idioms and proverbs by understanding the context.
  • Immerse your child in Tamil culture by exposing him/her to Tamil drama, music and dance performances during Tamil Festivals and other cultural events throughout the year.  Such immersion will help to nurture a lifelong interest in Tamil Languagend its culture as well as his/her sense of aesthetics.
  • Cultivate your child’s roots by helping him/her to appreciate the rich Tamil culture and tradition by making visits to places of interest. Explain the rationale and value in customary practices. 
These activities will increase your child’s exposure to Tamil Language as well as nurture an appreciation for the richness of his/her own culture. Have such activities as often as you can.  Your child will be enthused to learn and explore Tamil Language and its culture. You will also enjoy a better bond with your child as he/she goes through the phase of a growing teenager. Be a friend as well as a parent to your child.