Wednesday, 29th May 2024

Wednesday, 29th May 2024

In Pictures: Applied Learning at Queenstown Primary School

09 Mar 2018

These days, learning in a classroom is not quite the same as what many of us would remember. Join a class of 8-year-olds at Queenstown Primary, for their English lesson…in a kitchen!

But, why kitchen? How does it help children learn? Here’s their story in pictures.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_1

Children love a good story. Senior Teacher Mdm Joyce Kang draws the class into the humorous story of a Monkey who tried to share a bowl of chicken rice with his friend, Chicken.

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Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_2
After reading the book, Mdm Kang explained language concepts such as vocabulary and prepositions. When asked to point out and explain individual words, the children jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_3
She’s piqued their interest, but Mdm Kang has another trick up her sleeve – a kitchenette experience! To help Monkey apologise to his friend, Chicken, the students were asked to make an Apology Sandwich.

But this isn’t a cooking lesson. It’s an opportunity for students to review the words they had read, extend their vocabulary beyond what they learnt in the Big Book, and have a shared experience to think and talk about.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_4
Students checked out the available ingredients and learnt some new ones along the way. They were given the liberty to create their own unique sandwich.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_5
Of course, we must not forget to ensure proper hygiene!

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_6
The room was abuzz with chatter as students discussed their sandwiches, figured out how to get what they needed and helped one another along the way.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_7
From an educator’s perspective, this was a vibrant learning environment, full of opportunities for the students! As she made her way around the room to help students, Mdm Kang subtly engaged students in oral discussions, encouraging them to verbalise their thoughts, plans and problems.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_8
To the children, making their sandwich was an #AchievementUnlocked for the day. But they probably had no idea how much more they had gained through the learning experience that day.

Applied Learning_Queenstown Primary_9
With minds filled with rich experiences and ideas, students are able to translate their thoughts into writing. They begin by writing a story together as a class or group, so that they learn together, before attempting their own individual stories.

Through this process of applied learning, students can acquire skills and qualities based on a practical application of knowledge in real-world contexts, and also appreciate the understand the relevance of what they learn in school.

To find out more, check out what Minister for Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng shared about Applied Learning or find out more about Queenstown Primary School.