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National School Games 2016 Teaser

28 Apr 2016

This video features highlights of the National School Games (NSG) 2016 Opening Ceremony. The NSG, which runs from 6 January 2016 to 31 August 2016, is the largest and most extensive annual youth sports event in Singapore. The NSG provides students with the opportunities to compete, interact and develop character and values through real-world and authentic experiences. Students learn life lessons, cultivate positive attitudes, and develop important values such as team work and sportsmanship through the training programmes and the competition experiences. 

The number of students participating in the games today has increased by nearly three-fold since its inception 30 years ago, from 20,000 student-athletes (4% of the student population) in 1986 to an estimated 55,000 students (12% of the student population) across 29 sports this year.