Friday, 14th June 2024

Friday, 14th June 2024

Partnering parents in education

18 Sep 2020

When parents and schools work together, we can help our children achieve success on multiple fronts #holisticeducation. From Parent Instagram to Parent Kits, here’s what MOE has prepared to support you in your child’s educational journey.

Supporting parents is at the heart of what MOE’s parent engagement team does. Over the last year, we have been developing and fine-tuning various resources—some created with parents—for different parental needs and platforms. With a more tech-savvy generation of mums and dads and the need for safe distancing measures, MOE has shifted some of this support online for your ease of use and convenience. Check them out below!

Parent Instagram

Launched in August this year, this is our new kid on the block. parentingwith.moesg is an Instagram account dedicated to supporting and  connecting parents like you – to share, celebrate and grow together in your child’s learning process. From practical tips to words of encouragement to real-life inspirational quotes, this is where parents with school-going children gather as a community to exchange tried-and-tested ideas about parenting.

Parent IG_3

Parent Kit

Like a medical kit, Parent Kit is an easy-to-use solution to parenting problems and possibilities. Each Kit presents a series of scenarios with supporting resources, curated carefully by a team of specialists and educators and sent to you in the comfort of your home through Parents Gateway, via your child’s school.

Parent Kit

Guidelines for School-Home Partnership

Ever wondered how to work better with the school to support your child? In 2019, MOE shared guidelines to give greater clarity on good practices that will help you prepare your child to learn for life. The guidelines include working together with your child’s school to support his or her self-management skills (think resilience and responsibility) and having mutual respect and trust between you and the school.


Transition Seminars (Webinars)

Our annual Transition Seminars have transformed into ‘webinars’ this year.  These sessions guide and support parents on how to prepare and support their kids transitioning from Primary to Secondary school, and from Secondary to Post-Secondary school. Past speakers include School Leaders, ECG counsellors, parents and youths who share about their own journeys in education – many of whom have found success in unexpected ways!

Transtion Seminar_1

Transtion Seminar_2

AMAA (Ask Me Anything About)

Keen to ask an education-related question in real time? At AMMA, we bring to you live interactive sessions via MOE Facebook where panelists from school leaders to psychologists to parents weigh in with their thoughts and advice. Topics range from how best to support your child through exams and Home-Based Learning, to how to cope with academic stress and digital learning – and more. All you need is a Facebook account to take part! And do let us know any future topics or issues you would like us to address. Email us at: