Wednesday, 29th May 2024

Wednesday, 29th May 2024

Students can now personalise their profiles on SLS!

10 Jun 2022

Pick different expressions, eyewear, or switch your costume, and just ‘be yourself’!  

Students can now personalise their profiles on the MOE learning portal Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) by selecting from preset designs, or customising their own. With almost 12 million unique permutations, users can change the expressions, accessories, costume and colours of 24 student-designed Avatar templates, or simply mix-and-match items to create their own designs.   

Last year, students from primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges submitted their designs for the SLS Avatar Design Competition. They submitted their designs based on three themes – Student, Learning and Space.  

Let’s hear from some of the winning designers. 

By Lim Jun Kang


By Jerestin Wong, Greenwood Primary School 

“I am a member of my school Environmental Science CCA group. I joined the CCA because Science is my favourite subject and I am concerned about environmental topics like sustainability and climate change.

My avatar is a smart yet caring scientist, who will relentlessly come up with new ideas for making the world more sustainable. By fostering care and responsibility among communities, I hope we will be able to bring about change to how we live our life in order to keep Earth healthy.” 


By Fiona Guan Xue Hui, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) 

“Some words I would describe myself as a student are zealous, detail-oriented and proud. When I’m learning, I feel a sense of achievement when there is improvement and when I learn something cool! In my opinion, life is about learning new skills continuously and then contributing in ways to society so that is why my avatar expression has a smiley face.

When making mistakes, I make sure to learn from them, hence the little plant on my avatar’s head, which represents a growth mindset. My costume is my school uniform because school is part of my identity and I’m glad to contribute to the school. The object represents the method of learning I like to use, which is drawing as it helps me visualise the concepts more easily. As most work is done on the PLD, I wear my anti-blue light glasses to protect my eyes (makes me feel smarter too).” 

By Kanya Easwaran, Changkat Primary School 

“I have a great interest in science and I want to be a medical researcher in future. I want to discover new medicines which will be an effective cure for various diseases and help human beings all over the world.

The outfit is that of a medical researcher (with mask , protective goggles and headgear).The facial expression is such that the eyes are wide open even after long hours of hard work. The microscope represents science and research.” 


By Lim Sher Min, St. Margaret’s Secondary School 

“I drew an avatar of an explorer as I felt that it best reflects the process of learning for most students. Students take up the role of an explorer as they learn. Learning is an adventure students embark on, exploring new realms and constantly discovering new things, from the formation of volcanoes to the digestive system of humans. I think that there is a series of emotions one can go through as they learn, starting with curiosity and fascination when we gain new knowledge followed by the unquenchable thirst to understand more.

Both students and explorers are passionate inquirers of the world around them, forever curious, determined and driven. I kept those feelings in mind when designing the expression for my avatar, choosing to go with one that conveys that exhilarating emotion of a “eureka!” moment as I feel that this joy and satisfaction is one of the most rewarding moments in the learning process as a student when one learns something new, as if an explorer has made a new discovery. Thus, I also drew my avatar in an explorer outfit, with an explorer hat and vest, complete with a magnifying glass, symbolising curiosity and a hunger to find out more.” 


By Trajico Sofia Alecz Antonio, Tampines North Primary School 

“I really like creating all types of media, and I wanted to display specifically my love for making videos. I tried to make the character look like a movie director watching their own creation with 3D glasses. I also gave it a director outfit (it ended up looking like one of those French mime guys (don’t mind that, it is actually kind of funny on second thought).

The item I gave it was a clapperboard. It’s the thing directors use to sync up their audio and visuals while editing so I thought it fitted well here.” 

By Alicia Blossom Teo Jing Yi, Victoria Junior College 

“As a student, I enjoy gaming in my free time, and I’m sure many other students do so too, given our freedom of access to technology. As such, this avatar was made with my interest in gaming in mind. 

I chose a robot as opposed to a human character to represent the technological aspect of gaming. Additionally, since a robot is gender neutral, both boys and girls would be able to use it. The robot’s unique facial features also emphasise its playful and quirky personality. 

In recent years, cat earphones have also become an icon of gaming culture due to the many popular streamers who use them. Thus, I decided to incorporate them within the robot’s design to make it stand out more. 

Finally, I chose a gaming controller as the object because it is a piece of equipment that people usually use when playing games.” 


By Ong Yu Tzer Ayden, Yangzheng Primary School 

“My preferred learning environment is where I can interact with my friends and teachers freely and explore my imagination. The astronaut and outer space represents imagination. The astronaut microphone and antenna represent communication and interaction.”

By Neah Shibil, Opera Estate Primary School 

“I like to read books, listen to stories and I believe learning starts with being curious. I chose a historian as my avatar because historians need to read books to study about the past and tell those stories.

The monocle on my avatar represents the curiosity which a historian needs. The antique journal represents the stories from the past. In conclusion, the biggest trait of my avatar is curiosity.”



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