Monday, 15th July 2024

Monday, 15th July 2024

The “Queen of Estates” Exhibition

19 Oct 2012

At the launch of the “Queen of Estates” exhibition held at Queensway Secondary School on 18 October 2012, Ms Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Education and Ministry of Law, encouraged the students to cherish and preserve the rich heritage of Queenstown so that future generations can share a similar sense of connection and belonging to the school and community.

Queensway Secondary School was one of the first English-stream schools that were built. It was opened in 1961 and many Queenstown families sent their children to the school. As the first Singapore housing estate back in the 1950s, Queensway Secondary School has come a long way since it was opened in 1961.

By 2013, some Queensway Secondary students will be trained as heritage ambassadors, to lead their schoolmates and estate residents on the Queenstown Heritage Trail. Some of the interesting pit-stops on the trail are popular food spots, places of worship and residential areas. The Heritage Trail will be part of the students’ National Education programme.