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What Our Children Learnt at the MOE Kindergarten

04 Apr 2017


MOE Kindergartens are part of the government’s efforts to raise the quality of pre-school education, pilot teaching and learning resources, and establish good practices for sharing with the pre-school sector.

Young children are like sponges. It really is quite astonishing! Their young minds absorb and learn quickly, so early childhood education plays an important role in their development and can establish a solid foundation for future education.

We hear from two parents about their experience with the MOE Kindergarten and how it has shaped their children’s approach to learning.

Igniting Curiosity and Enthusiasm

When young Pralekha Mudugal first attended the MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View in 2015, she was a shy girl who struggled to communicate with others. But under her teacher’s guidance, she grew in confidence and learned to communicate with her fellow students and teachers.

Pralekha’s sense of curiosity flared to life during her time in kindergarten as she was constantly prompted to learn new things, especially about culture and traditions.

“During an excursion to Little India, Pralekha was intrigued by Mehndi (henna art), especially the Indian mango designs, and asked inquisitively about them,” shared her mother, Mrs Mudugal Srilekha.

Mrs Mudugal also credits the teachers for fostering Pralekha’s independence and helping her establish a positive attitude towards learning. Now, Pralekha has adjusted well to life as a primary school student at Punggol View Primary School. Her mother observed that she is self-assured, makes friends easily, and communicates well with both peers and adults.

Bolstering a Sense of Courage

For some children, the unfamiliar is scary. Not all children jump straight in to explore. It takes gentle encouragement and the provision of frequent opportunities to embolden a child to try.

Chia Cheng Xi was a reserved child before he attended the MOE Kindergarten. During his two years there, his mother, Ms Irene Chew, observed his gradual transformation from a quiet child to one who is confident and outspoken. She also saw more proof of his ability to think critically.

While attending the kindergarten, Cheng Xi participated in activities such as walking on a single beam that taught him to be more courageous.

“He managed to overcome his fears as he walked on the single beam. I was so proud of him when he completed the obstacle,” said Ms Chew, who shared that the learning activities were crucial to Cheng Xi’s development.

Activities such as the daily “Big Book” reading session introduced them to new topics of interest and the “Weeks of Wonder” projects enabled children to investigate it further, triggering their thought process in a fun and engaging way.

As MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View is located within the premises of Punggol View Primary School, children are familiar with a bigger school environment and it prepares them for transition to the next part of their education journey. Together with his peers, Cheng Xi had the opportunity to visit the Primary School side to observe lessons and learn to buy food from the canteen.

Cheng Xi’s positive experience strongly influenced Ms Chew’s decision to enrol her younger son there as well.

“I felt confident about the school after seeing how my son was able to adapt and improve in many ways. The localised pedagogies helped him to relate to situations and activities a lot better,” said Ms Chew. 


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Visit the MOE Kindergarten Open House on 1st and 8th April 2017 to tour the facilities and learn more about the curriculum and programmes!

The Registration Exercise for Kindergarten 1 admission in 2018 will be held on the day of the Open House and the following Monday. It is open to Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident children born between 2 Jan 2013 and 1 Jan 2014 (both dates inclusive). Click here for more details.