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6 Reasons why we love our SPED teachers

28 Aug 2017

  • saas-and-eden-school

    Words of thanks from Eden School (left) and St. Andrew's Autism School (right).

  • aspn-katong-school

    ASPN Katong School

  • aspn-chaoyang-school

    ASPN Chaoyang School

  • rc-margaret-drive-school

    RC Margaret Drive School

  • lighthouse-school

    Lighthouse School

  • minds-fernvale-gardens-school-teachers-2

    MINDS Fernvale Gardens School

  • canossian-school

    Canossian School

  • rc-yishun-park-school

    RC Yishun Park School

  • grace-orchard-school

    Grace Orchard School

  • singapore-school-for-the-deaf

    Singapore School for the Deaf

  • aspn-delta-senior-school-39-s-psg

    Thank you from ASPN Delta Senior School's PSG.

  • cerebral-palsy-alliance-of-singapore-school

    Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Singapore School

  • pathlight-school

    Thank you from parents of Pathlight School.

  • awwa-school-1

    AWWA School

  • minds-lee-kong-chian-gardens-school

    MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School

  • awwa-school-2

    AWWA School

  • aspn-tanglin-school

    ASPN Tanglin School

  • minds-woodlands-gardens-school

    MINDS Woodlands Gardens School

  • metta-school-staff-2017-(002)

    Metta School

  • minds-towner-gardens-school

    MINDS Towner Gardens School

Teachers are awesome. We all know that. They influence and impact lives because they pour all their time and efforts to intentionally do so.

There are many reasons to thank our teachers and here are some from the lips of our SPED students and their parents.  Thank you for…

  1. Customising learning experiences and resource
  2. “Special Needs” refer to a whole range of conditions and learning disabilities. A method that works for one student may not work for another. But because to you, each student matters, you took time to create resources and use different representations to explain concepts.

  3. Prepping us for life and work through daily living skills
  4. Some things have become so routine and regular that we take them for granted. Not for students with special needs and their parents. You guided our child every day, till they are ready to live independent and meaningful lives.

  5. Seeing beyond our disabilities
  6. Teachers are believers. You saw our potential and believed that it is possible for us to fulfil it. For that purpose, you are not only our coaches and counsellors but our faithful cheerleaders too! So what if we have disabilities? It didn’t stop you from organising outdoor activities at the reservoir and sport stadiums, because you want us to be strong and healthy.

  7. Creating a safe haven
  8. The schools are places where our children are safe, accepted and celebrated for who they are. There, they can work on building their strengths, but also identify weaknesses and learn to overcome them. Bit by bit, our children build confidence that readies them for the challenges ahead.

  9. Walking alongside when we are uncertain
  10. When we join the working world, it isn’t easy to make adjustments and meet demands. The new experience can be intimidating and sometimes, discouraging. But you go the extra mile to support us at worksites, to ensure a smooth transition from school to work.

  11. Inspiring us
  12. Being a teacher is leading by example. We see your love for knowledge, your positivity despite challenges and sometimes, limited solutions. Most importantly, we experienced and felt how you showered us with love.

Thank you SPED teachers! Aptly expressed by the folks at Rainbow Centre – Margaret Drive School, you are truly SPECIAL:

Superbly Passionate Exhibiting Care In All situations with Love!