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Remembering the histories and heritage of our schools

11 Feb 2021


‘Heritage Worth Remembering’ – The School Histories Repository Online Landing Page.

Every student has a collection of school memories and every school has a story to tell. Here is an opportunity for you to walk down memory lane and reminisce the ‘good old days’ with the School Histories Online Repository!

Ever since Singapore celebrated our 50 years of nation building, we appreciated the importance of preserving our heritage and history.

The School Histories Online Repository houses write-ups of schools in Singapore such that everyone can readily access our school heritage.

The Repository features interactive content where you can listen to the school song, trace the school’s key milestones and view a gallery of school images bringing you back to the yester years.

Coming Together to Share Memories

Here are some ideas to enjoy the Repository and take the opportunity to share school memories with your family and friends. As always, stay safe and observe safe management measures 😊

#1 Learning Together As Family

Plan a ‘virtual trail’ based on where you live. Access the Repository and read about the schools and their histories in your neighbourhood. Have a conversation on interesting facts about these schools based on what you discover.

#2 Reunions & Gatherings With Former Classmates

Gather your former classmates and embark on a nostalgic journey to recall the good times during your school days. Access the Repository, view the photographs, share stories and sing along to your school song.

#3 ‘Storytelling Time’ With Your Children and Grandchildren

Catch up with your children and grandchildren to share past school memories and experiences during the weekends. Get some good kopi ready and access the Repository to read aloud your schools’ values and traditions, which the younger ones may be keen to find out more. The online school gallery images can start interesting conversations.

Partnering The Community – Coming Together as Singaporeans

School Histories Online Repository gives Singaporeans a chance to reflect on what heritage and history means to us as we explore the origins of our schools.  

The Repository is an ongoing effort to encourage the public to access and contribute information about our school heritage. It can be harnessed as a way to ‘pass down’ these cherished experiences to the next generation.   

Mrs Chua Yen Ching, DyDGE (PD) commented, “‘The Repository reflects a significant aspect of our national history through the schools’ perspectives. We hope that the project would contribute to Singaporeans feeling rooted in Singapore through the identification with their school communities.