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Three things to know when making important career decisions

23 Oct 2017

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As the end of the school year approaches, some students may find themselves asking “what’s next?”, as they face a crossroad in their education and career pathways.

What should students consider as they make their post-secondary education and career choices? Ms Tan Hui Ping, an education and career guidance counsellor, shares some tips.

Know your options

There are multiple education and career pathways available for post-secondary students and it is important for them to know the differences in the various options so that they can make informed decisions.

Most students are already aware of the different teaching styles and subjects which the various higher education institutions offer, but they could be unsure of the pathway that best aligns with their interests and learning styles. Thus, it is ideal for students to start exploring their options even before they sit for the national examinations.

Start early

If possible, students should start mulling their education and career options from lower secondary level, so that they have sufficient time to explore their aspirations and areas of interest, and reach a decision by the time they leave secondary school.

However, there may be students who do not have very clear career aspirations at that age, which is perfectly fine. They can discover their learning styles, strengths and areas of interest through schools’ various initiatives, such as co-curricular activities and the Applied Learning Programme.

Talk to others

Feedback from parents, teachers, peers, and even an education and career guidance counsellors can help students to understand their strengths and discover their passions. From there, students would be in a better position to choose the most suitable pathway for themselves.

Conversations with working adults can also provide insight on the industry or line of work which students are interested in. Students can then reflect on whether it is a viable career option for them.

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