Wednesday, 29th May 2024

Wednesday, 29th May 2024

What did my favourite teacher teach me? Lots! Say our graduating P6ers

03 Feb 2023

These students of Jiemin Primary School were sad to be leaving school and bidding their teachers goodbye. Schoolbag caught up with three of them after they collected their PSLE results to ask what lessons they will hold on to as they go on to secondary school.

By Neo Wen Tong
Photos by Lawrence LIm

PSLE student teacher quotes - Wei Jie

Ng Wei Jie, with Mr Desmond Seah, who heads the Aesthetics department

“Mr Seah is a fun music teacher. He’s one of my favourites. He is also my Angklung CCA teacher.

Music has given me the experience to be on stage for the first time. I learned that when I play music and people enjoy it, it makes me happier.

Mr Seah inspired me to start playing the piano too. In secondary school, I’m going to continue pursuing music. I hope to take the Music Elective Programme or try for the school band and learn a new instrument.”


PSLE student teacher quotes - Delysha

Iman Delysha, with Mdm Mas’linda Mas’od, who is the Year Head for P3 and P4 students 

“Mdm Mas’linda has been my Malay Language teacher for four years. Her lessons are always fun. She uses stories and games to help us learn better, and she’s very energetic in class.

She is my role model, and I hope to be like her – sporty, trustworthy, reliable. To be a more energetic person, I plan to try sports CCAs like basketball and badminton in secondary school!

I remember in P4, there was a bat that was right outside our classroom door. Mdm Mas’linda used that lesson to talk about the bat. Some of us were scared, so we talked about fears. Mdm Mas’linda told us she is scared of cats! She wasn’t shy about sharing her fears with us. It made her feel very approachable.”


PSLE student teacher quotes - Sher Min

Chow Sher Min, with Ms Aliya Maisarah, a Primary 6 form teacher 

“Ms Aliya is my P6 form teacher and also the teacher in charge of my CCA, Journalism Club. She is kind, and cares for all her students.

When I was feeling stressed and had some friendship problems in P5 and P6, she wrote me little notes that helped me push through the darkness.

In our CCA, we learn reporting skills like article writing and photography. Ms Aliya also encouraged me to take part in the National Primary School Photography Competition this year. I also got the chance to conduct interviews in school and emcee school events.

All these helped me to become a more confident person. As I go on to secondary school, I will remember to continue speaking up!”

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